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MOMU Motorsports Museum is located in the village of Turba. It has taken up the rooms of the once great Ellamaa power plant which was built in 1923 and was in use until 1966 to produce power for the surrounding areas. MTÜ Eesti Mootorispordi Ajalugu has been developing the museum and investing in Ellamaa power plant since 2007.

June to August we are open


Everyday / 23 to 24 June we are closed.

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Family ticket*


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*Family ticket includes 2 adults and children under 18 **Guided tours by reservation

By car

MOMU Motorsport Museum is located 40 km west of Tallinn, by the Tallinn-Haapsalu highway in Turba village and in historic Ellamaa electric plant building. Address of the museum: Tööstuse 3, Turba, 76201 Harju maakond

By train

The train from Tallinn takes you right to the museum! The ride takes about an hour and the Ellamaa electric plant building is already visible from the train station. The train timetable is available on Elron website

By bus:

Bus timetables are available on tpilet.ee and peatus.ee


Visiting the museum with mobility aids is possible only on the first floor of the museum. It's not possible yet to use an elevator to move between floors. On rare cases we've lifted wheelchair users up the stairs with the help of other guests. The museum visit is free of charge for wheelchair users. We are working on finding funding for installing elevators in the museum!