Category: Stories of MOMU

The history of the Ellamaa power plant

Power production became one of the most important economic problems to solve in Estonia after it achieved independence in 1918. It was very difficult to buy oil from Russia due to the civil war there and therefore a decision was made: electricity in Estonia will be produced by using domestic fuels. Ida-Virumaa (an eastern province...

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The history of MOMU Motorsports Museum

The story of MOMU began in 1985 just by chance. During that year Tallinna Autode Remondi Katsetehas (TARK) – a Soviet time organization that built formula race cars – reached two important milestones. First, they built their 1000th formula car. And secondly, TARKs production volumes had grown so big that only the British race car...

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For years motorsport has been a great outlet for advertising. Soviet Union’s planned economy was no exception. Wishing to sell their relatively outdated products in a capitalistic world, the socialistic economy had to follow the 4P law – product, price, place and promotion. Lada , one of Soviet Union’s most sold car brands, used the...

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Rein Sillat – the founder of the museum

The life of Rein Sillat (1939 – 1991), founder of the museum, is marked with many significant endeavours and projects. He started as a racer in his youth, taking part in boat racing and motocross national championships. Unfortunately a choice between a hobby and a profession had to be made. Although racing didn’t become his...

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